Jason Stidham

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Project Superintendent


Jason’s eye for quality workmanship ensures the highest level of project success and client satisfaction. He enjoys staying on top of emerging technology trends to evaluate the use to efficiently manage projects. With his innovative thinking and problem-solving, he is a strong asset on any technical or complex project.

Jason is passionate about maintaining and strengthening company culture.  As part of DesCor’s mentorship program, he enjoys working with other employees to tap into their potential to explore training and educational opportunities. He has spearheaded a company-wide leadership initiative known as ‘Multipliers’ which has strengthened DesCor’s company culture.

Jason began his career in general construction at a young age.  Taken under the wing of a seasoned superintendent, he was taught how to build.  His persistence and passion for building quickly moved him up the ranks and by the time he reached his early 20’s he was given the opportunity to manage his own project.  Jason has been honing his craft ever since.

In his spare time, you will find Jason out on the golf course, hitting the Tahoe ski slope or working on his ‘fixer-upper’ with his wife Danielle!

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