Preconstruction Services

/// What We Do ///

Our approach is comprehensive and deliberate.

COMMUNICATION | This process begins with a Partnering Meeting which gathers those involved in the design, construction and end use of the project. The objective of this meeting is to communicate/learn the goals and objectives for the project, identify potential problems and solutions, and establish clear lines of communication.

SCHEDULE | A Master Schedule for the project through design and construction and will be prepared to facilitate the overall process. DesCor will provide a comprehensive schedule clearly indicating the major design milestones including all of the preconstruction, bidding, permitting and other project related schedule issues and activities.

ESTIMATING COST & CONTROL | DesCor believes strongly in the importance of providing continuous “up to the minute” cost control feedback to allow the Team to Design to a Budget as opposed to Budget to a Design. This process includes

  • Schematic design estimate
  • Design development estimate
  • Contract document estimate
  • Constructability review (includes DesCor field team input)
  • Document control
  • Bid packages
  • Competitive bidding
  • Value analysis
  • Cost control
  • System Studies
  • Prequalify subcontractors
  • Design-build services
  • Long lead identification and procurement
  • Estimate turn-over package
  • Site logistics development

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