About Us

DesCor Builders is a licensed general contractor based in Rancho Cordova, CA providing both full service preconstruction, general contracting, and construction management services throughout Northern California.

DesCor is focused in its approach to market sectors concentrating on projects that fall within our collective and relative expertise.

We have been widely recognized as the best construction value in the area, providing the most sophisticated services in an economical price. Our people and practices ensure construction projects that are accurately planned, astutely managed, delivered on time for the best value, with no surprises.

Mission | To Empower People and Create a Meaningful Impact on Those We Serve.

Purpose | To Build a Lasting Legacy of Great Buildings and Even Greater Relationships.

Goals |

  • Create a long term model of success that will ensure the sustainability of the business for future generations of owners.
  • Build a business that is profitable and meets surety company ratios for owner’s equity and working capital.
  • Develop our people through empowerment, improvement and entrepreneurial opportunity.
  • Maintain an environment of open communication and enthusiasm that is fun and where people know that we truly care about them.
  • Utilize environmentally responsible practices in all areas of the business.
  • Develop a diverse business that can adapt to changing market conditions by having a broad mix of business in different market segments.

Interested in working on a project with DesCor? Have a question? We’d love to hear from you!