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Job description

The Project Estimator is primarily responsible for establishing the project budget. This involves the preparation of the proposal based on the drawings and specifications, development of the preliminary schedule, estimate, and initial contract negotiations for establishing a Lump Sum or Guaranteed Maximum Price. The responsibilities of the Project Estimator vary depending on the size and type of project they are proposing on. Some projects may require months of design and cost analysis which provides the opportunity to introduce other members of the team for input on constructability and coordination. Regardless of project size the Project Estimator is the primary contact for the project through design.

Job description

The Project Manager is primarily responsible for the successful execution, completion, financial reporting, and financial forecasting of the projects assigned. The Project Manager actively coordinates and manages the combined efforts of all members of the project team to achieve the desired results through pre-active planning, scheduling and effective communication.

Job description

The Superintendent is responsible for creating the master schedule to be used for the project. Coordination and safety of all site personnel and activities should be a primary consideration.  They work closely with the other members of the Project Team using his construction expertise to establish and maintain schedule updates, coordinate subcontractors, and maintain the highest level of quality standards to assure that the project is constructed in accordance with the contract documents and company safety policies.

Job description

A Project Engineer can be considered either an Assistant Project Manager or an Assistant Superintendent, and may be site or office based.  In some cases as the Project Engineer becomes more experienced they may act in the capacity of a Project Manager or Superintendent under the oversight of a senior member of the Project Team.  Project Engineers focus on document control and frequently perform all of the management duties on small, less technical projects.

Job description

DesCor Builders often has paid internships available for individuals that are pursuing a degree within Construction Management, Architecture and Civil Engineering fields. We accept applications for internships on a year-round basis in order for candidates to be able to plan far enough in advance of the actual time frame that they would like to begin. Each internship looks and feels different based upon a candidate’s direction, goals and schooling. If you are interested in being considered for an internship, please submit your resume online as an attachment below.  Please provide information to help us best determine the right fit vs. our needs.

Internships are positions that are ONLY considered as an option for individuals enrolled in an educational program.