When you talk to people who work for DesCor Builders, you’ll hear a recurring theme: Relationships are everything. Since its inception in early 2005, the general contracting and construction management firm has focused on building an atmosphere that fosters family and community, starting with each employee.
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The company was named the sixth-fastest-growing company in the Sacramento region this year and started with four employees. It has now grown to employ 85 with revenues trending at approximately $180 million this year. Neal Cordeiro, the firm’s vice president and chief financial officer, attributes this success to a few things. “In order to attract and retain the right people, we see it as our obligation to create a world-class work environment, provide world-class benefits, and champion world-class careers. We believe in the philosophy that, if we do the right things right and take care of our people, the money will come. This starts with every co-worker living the DesCor core values, maintaining a family-centric atmosphere, and creating career paths for employees to reach their career goals,” he shares. Cordeiro explains that to create positive relationships with clients, they first focus on taking care of their internal customers: employees and their families. To do that, DesCor Builders offers a variety of unique benefits outside of the office including date nights with spouses, fishing trips in the Bay, summer picnics, paintball outings, tuition reimbursement, and epic holiday parties that include dinners, overnight accommodations, and entertainment. Inside of the office, the entire company works in an open-office environment, regardless of title. This allows for a collaborative and inclusive atmosphere, where employees can easily share ideas.
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When Covid-19 hit, DesCor Builders adjusted operations to stay open and maintain productivity. While the entire construction industry has been adversely impacted and they are no exception, the firm was able to keep projects open in a modified fashion while adapting new regulations. Doing this helped mitigate negative cost impacts for clients. Cordeiro explains that responding to the human side of the pandemic was equally important. Employees’ daily patterns and routines were disrupted and supporting everyone’s personal needs was a priority. To help maintain connectivity, DesCor management allowed for flexible work schedules in addition to weekly updates that kept employees in the loop. No matter what the world throws its way, DesCor Builders continues to focus on its family-first culture. Cordeiro says, “We believe that our culture is unmatched. Being able to go to work every day surrounded not by co-workers, but friends that we truly care about is what makes our culture so strong. The ability to watch families grow and thrive over the years has been what’s most gratifying.” Summer Hilton, office manager at the firm, agrees. She says, “DesCor is a home and we collaborate, challenge, support, and thrive here. Each person and role are unique, and there is a mutual respect that we all have for each other. It’s comforting knowing I can trust that everyone is going the extra mile to make us successful.” – By Brooke Strickland, Sacramento Business Journal Link to Article: https://www.bizjournals.com/sacramento/news/2020/10/18/best-places-to-work-descor-builders.html