Serving a range of uses from safeguarding wine to protecting a boat, Napa Vault, a Storage Tech, Inc. company located at 1055 Soscol Ferry Road in Napa, is selling customizable “storage condos” in two sizes — 20 by 48 feet and 24 by 48 feet — that the company says can be configured for a variety of uses.

For example, it states a single 24-by-48-foot unit has the capacity to store three cars, a 25-foot RV along with two motorcycles. Floor space can be doubled with an added mezzanine deck, or cases of wine could be stacked in several tiers. Pull-through units are also available and car collectors could customize the space by installing car lifts.

“There are other projects like this, but none in the North Bay. We are reclassifying the way things are stored and accessed,” said Peter Bedford, principal with Bedford Investments. “With our condominium storage approach, owners receive a deed and title, create equity with potential for appreciation, and own a valued legacy property they can gift to family.”

Inside the all new luxury Napa Vault self storage

Bedford said he saw an unfulfilled need among individuals and small business owners looking for a safe place to store possessions that exceeds current home or office capacity, while also wishing to enjoy the benefits of real estate ownership and potential tax benefits.

The Napa Vault building complex was completed on Nov. 15. Phase 1 contains 43 units being offered for sale at prices starting in the mid-$300,000 range. The project is set to have 124 units in 11 buildings at full build-out.

“Today, most people are concerned about security. Napa Vault owners have 24/7 access to a well-lighted area surrounded by a steel fenced perimeter with camera surveillance and recorders strategically placed throughout the complex. This storage facility has a programmable key electronic coded gate access system. Units have steel walk-in doors 3 inches thick and heavy-duty overhead floor-to-ceiling rollup doors 12 to 16 feet wide,” he said.

In addition to privately owned storage spaces, Napa Vault offers water fill-up and dump facilities, a washing area for vehicles, a private owners clubhouse with onsite showers, widescreen TV and WiFi and ADA compliant restrooms, along with electric vehicle charging and parking, along with a community gathering area.

Each storage condo has LED lighting, wiring for high-speed Internet TV, fire sprinklers, 125 amp/220-volt electric service and walls covered with white steel panels. Options include ceiling and/or exhaust fans, upgraded floors with concrete sealers and stains, as well as air conditioning.

Article By: North Bay Business Journal

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