PREPARATION AND ADMINISTRATION OF SUBCONTRACTS | DesCor prepares all contracts and major purchase orders.

PRECONSTRUCTION CONFERENCE | Preconstruction conferences are held with all subcontractors prior to starting work to discuss the schedule, procedure, equal opportunity, safety, and any other site specific issues.

SUPERVISION | DesCor maintains full-time supervision on the project to ensure the successful performance of all construction phase services.

CONSTRUCTION RECORDS | Complete files and logs are maintained in the field office of all documents, revisions, correspondence, contracts, reports, etc.

CONSTRUCTION SCHEDULE | The construction schedule is produced in the Preconstruction Phase and is routinely updated through the completion of the Construction Phase.

LONG-LEAD ITEMS / SCHEDULE | We identify long-lead items and coordinate with the Owner and Architect to expedite the specification and/or design of such items.

WEEKLY COORDINATION MEETINGS | Meetings are held weekly with all relevant subcontractors for coordination of the work, resolving field installation issues, safety, and review of the project schedule.

PROGRESS MEETINGS | DesCor holds progress meetings with the owner, consultants and trade subcontractors to discuss progress and scheduling.

PROJECT SAFETY | DesCor has developed a Corporate Safety Policy that exceeds both CAL-OSHA and FED-OSHA standards. Every project has its own specific safety plan.

PUNCHLIST | Our team monitors quality and will develop a “Pre-Completion List” for subcontractors on a weekly basis. Since we address and repair items as we go, our ultimate goal is to have no punchlist at project completion.